Reports by FLAAR Mesoamerica
on Flora & Fauna of Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo
Peten, and Livingston, Guatemala, Central America

Lectures are available on Mayan pyramid temples; jungle plants, wild animals of the Mayan world, & digital photography

Photo Exhibits by Dr Nicholas Hellmuth available

If you would like an exhibit of photos of eye-catching Neotropical flowers for your university, museum, zoo, botanical garden, club, or company, awesome images are available from FLAAR.

We can send the raw files so they can be printed and mounted in your city (it is too expensive to send photos already mounted). You can then sell these photos (and give them away to your sponsors at the end of the exhibit, so they can have remarkable images for their homes, clubs, or offices).

We can do exhibits on any and every topic on which Dr Nicholas is also available to lecture. So visit the lecture page to see the diverse topics. Naturally Dr Hellmuth can give a lecture as part of the Opening Night celebration.

Or, you can simply have Dr Nicholas come and give a lecture. He can also give a “block seminar” which means several hours each day for an entire week. He has done this especially at universities in Europe. He has lectured in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Graz, Austria.

TRANSF Athens UV workshop Nicholas lecturing
Dr Hellmuth has lectured in Zurich, Athens, Dubai, Vancouver, Oaxaca (Mexico), Mexico City, Guatemala City, Panama City, Johannesburg (South Africa) and Beijing (China).

He has spoken at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and state universities such as Berkeley, UCLA and many more.

In some cases we can provide the photographs (but it is too expensive to send them framed; so we would send just the prints).

In most cases the photos are best printed and mounted locally (then you can auction them off to cover the costs; people love these photos for their homes and offices).


A lecture/exhibit fee is appreciated as a contribution towards further research. The lecture and exhibit fees go to FLAAR, and really helps cover research costs. The “negatives” we can send electronically in most cases (though some files are best sent on a USB stick).

To get Dr Hellmuth to the opening night lecture and event, there are direct flights from Guatemala to major airport hubs in Latin America and direct flights to the US from which Dr Nicholas flies to Asia, India, Middle East, Europe, or Australia. FLAAR has a full-time in-house travel manager for Dr Nicholas, so we book the flight and send the invoice.

Host books the hotel and covers meals plus airport shuttle back-and-forth in home city.

Dr Nicholas can speak in Spanish, German and English.

Contact: Flor de Maria Setina, Office Manager, FrontDesk “at” 

Once everything is set, we can provide the direct telephone, Skype, etc, so you can speak with Dr Hellmuth directly.

Dr Nicholas also lectures on digital printing technology (wide-format inkjet printing, for signage, or printing on ceramics, glass, etc).



First posted May 2017

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