Reports by FLAAR Mesoamerica
on Flora & Fauna of Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo
Peten, and Livingston, Guatemala, Central America

FLAAR and FLAAR Mesoamerica full color reports on Birds, Reptiles and Insects of Guatemala

This is a section dedicated to full color FLAAR and FLAAR Mesoamerica reports on different species around central america’s fauna (Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, etc.), involving mammals, insects, reptiles, birds and more.


Butterfly-caterpillar-species-Finca-El-Chilar-Guatemala-Nicholas-Hellmuth-FLAAR caterpillar-butterfly-larva-macrophotography-El-Chilar-Guatemala-Hellmuth-FLAAR-Mesoamerica Waterlily-Nymphaea-ampla-Peten-Monterriro-Nicholas-Hellmuth_FLAAR_Reports Argiope-Spider-orb-web-structure-sofias-parents-Nicholas-Hellmuth-FLAAR-Reports-cover Argiope-Spider-orb-web-structure-sofias-parents-Nicholas-Hellmuth-FLAAR-Reports-cover
Golden-silk-orb-weaver-spider-webs-Sofias-parents-Nicholas-Hellmuth-FLAAR-Reports-cover Minititle-insects-spiders-tailless-whip-scorpions-inside_FLAAR_office-Nicholas-Hellmuth tree-ferns-edible-Mayan-house-construction-Ranchitas-del-Quetzal-Jun-2017-FLAAR-Reports 3D Software for Maya Ethnobotany Papaya 84_Cholti_Lacandon_and_Peten_Ytza_Mayan_agriculture_food_Nicholas-Hellmuth_1977_front_cover.jpg
84_Cholti_Lacandon_and_Peten_Ytza_Mayan_agriculture_food_Nicholas-Hellmuth_1977_front_cover.jpg 83 Eduard Seler The Animal Pictures of the mexican and maya manuscripts FLAAR water_lily_lecture_Oct_23_2015_animal_lecture_Oct_30 IMS_2014_Nov_Nicholas-Hellmuth_FLAAR_article_marigolds-Flor-de-Muerto_Tagetes be-kind-to-Spiders-in-your-home-and-garden-FLAAR-Reports-Nicholas-Hellmuth
Tarantulas Guatemala need protection FLAAR Report Nicholas Hellmuth experiences. Photokina 2014 Report Photokina 2014 hall list digital photography brand product category list Economic potential for Amate Ficus trees in Guatemala Economic potential for Amate Ficus trees in Guatemala
Economic potential for Amate Ficus trees in Guatemala The Owl REVUE The Niij Cochinilla REVUE White Tailed Deer REVUE Macaws and Parrots REVUE
Ants carrying red flowers at Copan Ruinas, Honduras Ants carrying red flowers at Copan Ruinas, Honduras Ants carrying lavender flowers at Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Leaf Cutting Ants mentioned in the Popol Vuh Rescue, breeding of white-nosed coati in Tikal, Peten. Spanish report Leaf-cutting Ants Like Flowers, REVUE Magazine article
Sacred Animals and Exotic Tropical Plants, Stingless bees at Río Dulce for Revue Magazine La Antigua Guatemala Tripod heads for digital photography including Gitzo Manfrotto Arca Swiss Wimberly kirk Reviews of camera tripods for photographing flowers plants landscape photography panoramas plus-field trip photography out on location Digital camera reviews photography Pdn PHOTOPLUS expo New York 2011 prepare for exhibitor list pdn PHOTOPLUS expo 2012 crocodiles caimans alligators images Mayan ethnobotanical art mythology Guatemala FLAAR Reports Revue Magazine October 2011
Sacred turtles in Mayan art and iconography Revue Magazine Guatemala August 2011 Articles of Bufo Marinus Sacred Toads in Mayan Culture by Nicholas Hellmuth for Revue Magazine La Antigua Guatemala Articles of peccary or coche de monte by Nicholas Hellmuth for Revue Magazine La Antigua Guatemala Monitoring of Reproductive behavior of the falco deiroleucus at Tikal Park Serpientes Guatemala Mexico Belize zoologia iconografia maya
Gitzo Manfrotto tripod heads Bogen Imaging ethnozoological Photographing birds nature photography Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III digital camera evaluation reviews tests results price comparison Tikal Peten Guatemala water monitoring report through parameters physicochemical Mirtha Cano Waterlily Guatemala Mayan ethnobotany List of Journals and Magazines on Archeology, Ethnobotany, Ethnozoology


First posted August 16, 2019.

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Maya Cartoon Comic Book Characters


We Thank Gitzo, 90% of the photographs of plants, flowers and trees in Guatemala are photographed using a Gitzo tripod, available from Manfrotto Distribution.
White-nosed coatimundi, Nasua narica, one of the edible animals for the Maya people.
List of all the river turtles of the Maya area (Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, parts of El Salvador) and images of turtle species of Guatemala
List of all the FLAAR Videos of mayan iconographic animals in Guatemala