Cartoon comic book illustrations of jaguars, cougars, birds of the Mayan jungles, crocodiles, all with informative text

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Free downloads of cartoon comic book characters based on animals

On this page, and on, you can download free previews of our attractively illustrated educational books on the animals of the Mayan world of Guatemala (and adjacent Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador).

Our interest is first to make a list of all animals with whom the Mayan people interacted. Then we prepare illustrations or photographs to publish either photo essays or comic books on a particular species.

Maya bees and Butterflies also in comic book cartoons

Presently we have nine educational illustrated books in comic book style to provide information about nine species of animals. We are also preparing learning experiences on Maya bees and on butterflies of Guatemala.

FLAAR Illustrators 2016 08653

These are some of our illustrators and research teams (it is early in the morning and more will come later).


We have storyboards on many more animals of Guatemala (and Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador: areas occupied or influenced by Maya civilization in the Classic period). As soon as a considerate individual, corporation, foundation can provide funding, out illustrators can complete these educational adventures of learning with a smile in your heart and on your face. To send a contribution to our US office (so we can send a tax deduction receipt) contact FrontDesk “at” by e-mail.

Our focus is on flora and fauna of the Mayan forests

We focus on providing knowledge about the plants and animals which were part of Mayan culture for thousands of years. Another of our goals is to document to the world that the plants and animals of Guatemala are just as photogenic as those of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has cleverly utilized the red-eyed, red-footed tree frog as an international logo. Costa Rica has also featured the scarlet macaw. Because there are no monumental archaeological pyramids, temples or palaces, Costa Rica used its photogenic fauna to attract millions of tourists.

If more tourists came to Guatemala to see our flowers and birds, then more deserving families in Guatemala would have jobs and income.

I have lived and worked in the seasonal rain forests of Tikal for 12 months (already at age 19), and then I lived overlooking Lake Yaxha while working five years to save this eco-system and have it become a national park. So I have had a lot of experiences with local creatures. You can read a kind of autobiography of my experiences with creatures of the Mayan jungles. We are putting 50+ years of all that I have learned into these educational comic book editions.

Here you can download the 4-page previews on Maya animals. There is no cost for the preview. The full-book size editions will be ready as soon as we decide with whom we will cooperate as an international publisher.


Here are the first three of our educational books on the different felines of the Mayan rain forests of Guatemala (and Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador).

You can download free 4-page previews here.

We are working on books on ocelots and margays (the other two of the five species of felines of Mesoamerica).

Here you can download
the 4-page previews of tropical plants used by the Maya (and several species used all around the world).

Here are free downloads of additional examples of the direction we are moving to provide the entire world information about Guatemala. We hope you come and visit. A good way to start is to learn about our eco-systems and the remarkable plants and animals you can find here.

Lots of Logo Birds and Logo Animals

The toucan is one of the most commonly used logo birds in the world. Macaws, parrots and several other birds are also common. The toucan was used as a logo by companies long long before Kellogg’s put a bird on their cereal in the 1960’s. Guinness used a toucan already by 1935. So a lot of the birds from the Neotropical seasonal rain forests of Guatemala are logo birds (but normally it is the species or variety from Brazil).

Our books focus on the native species of Mesoamerica: the area of the Americas occupied by, and influenced by trade and cultural exchanges of the core civilizations of Mexico and adjacent Guatemala: Olmec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Toltec, and Aztec.

We use humorous satire on some of these logo birds and animals. Since our MayanToons birds and animals are champions of healthy diets of local plants (and any plants from other countries which are healthy), we look forward to being logos for healthy foods around the world. The funding from use of our illustrations will assist us in getting our Mayan animals as friendly spokespeople for the health of everyone. You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


First posted early October 2016.

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