Reports by FLAAR Mesoamerica
on Flora & Fauna of Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo
Peten, Guatemala, Central America

White-tailed deer, what they eat in central Peten

Posted May 11, 2020

We (FLAAR Mesoamerica research team) are preparing to do animated videos to help school children around the world (and their parents) learn about biodiversity in the Peten, Izabal, and Alta Verapaz areas of Guatemala. We have a research library in-house, we have an e-library (over 4,000 downloaded reports, books, theses, dissertations, etc.). Plus we have the experience of Dr Nicholas’s half-century in Guatemala (arriving here in 1963).

But, the best way to learn is to ask local people in Peten, in Izabal, and in Alta Verapaz: they know things about local flora and fauna that is not in any book. So we asked park ranger Teco (Moises Daniel Pérez Díaz) if he had some suggestions for what aspects of the forest to show surrounding the white-tailed deer and red brocket deer: both live in Tikal, Yaxha and all nearby areas from Chiapas to Belize and up in Campeche and Quintana Roo (and of course elsewhere in Mesoamerica). But their diet will be very different depending on whether the white-tailed deer lives in Virginia, Missouri, Texas, northern Mexico, Oaxaca, etc. We want to learn about the deer in Peten and Izabal areas.

You can now see a nice list of what deer eat in Peten, Guatemala, on a new web page we just posted.


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