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Fuzzy furry larvae (caterpillars) of butterflies and/or moths, Guatemala

Costa Rica's economy is literally based on eco-tourism, especially aviturismo (birders coming for bird watching). Tourism provides thousands of families with jobs in Costa Rica. We (FLAAR, USA and FLAAR Mesoamerica, Guatemala) would like to show the world the photogenic beauty (and biological importance) of the fauna and flora of Guatemala.

Naturally this will take serious funding from an appropriate source, but until then, we continue doing what we can to find, photograph, and publish the rarely seen aspects of flora of Guatemala, especially larvae (caterpillars).



Finca El Tirol, Caserio Chilocom, Municipio Santa Cruz Verapaz, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Central America.

If additional funding becomes available, it should be possible to photograph a significant percentage of the moths, butterflies and especially their larvae, of this seldom-studied area of Neotropical Guatemala.

If a benefactor provided funds for 50 more of these phone-cameras, and funds for 12 months to cover the deserved pay for these flora and fauna scouts, we could harvest photos of Izabal, Peten, and Alta Verapaz that would WOW the WORLD (and could contribute to programs to help prevent the chopping down of these fragile forest ecosystems).

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